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Membership Plan

So, Now lifestyle has two major plans to for their members, The Gold Plan membership and the Platinum membership. The gold plan cost a total sum of $74, let me break it down. Out of this $74, $25 is meant for the “reseller bill” and other $49 is for the product you want to resell.

So the platinum membership costs $124 where $25 remains the reseller bill and the other $99 for the product.

What’s reseller bill?

I know you will be curious, already I told you this platform is providing a health and wellness product and also giving you digital marketing tools to promote them. Cool right? yeah I think.

The Scope

You may be thinking, what kind of weird idea is this? is this going to work at all? Of course Yes, just like Amazon start his e-commerce business with his friend then, I’m sure his friend too might ounce have asked Jeff Bezos , “is this going to work?” but he was there with him probably because he believed “Jeff” and maybe not his plan. What I’m telling you too is that Now Lifestyle have worked and changed many life, and yours will only be better if you take action and start with those who believe in you, they may probably need your products, if not for themselves, maybe for their relatives too.

The big scope behind this is just simple. Their mission is to Equip, Educate and Empower.

They want to give you necessary tools needed for you to start your digital marketing business, while they educate you on how to use those tools without prior technical experience then allow you to leverage on their business, that is you make money, they make money too, making you to realize that the freedom lifestyle you dream of is possible. NowLifestyle is created by marketers for marketers, i.e they really understand what you want.

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This can inspire you

I am a Nigerian boy who is not too rich nor poor, of course if I’m rich I won’t be looking for opportunity like this, so I decided to op-tin for this opportunity, and luckily for me I was allowed to use some tools for free, e-mail auto-responder, landing page builder, lead opt-in page templates and many more what else do I need, all others are just a plus. The most amazing thing about this is that I was offered to use all the premium tools, I mean all for just $1 for a week, cool enough right? yeah. So I jumped on this offer and use that to explore all those tools and see it as an insight opportunity.

I’m giving you this special link to lock in as an Early Bird

In conclusion

I hope you find this work at home business opportunity perfect for you since you will want to put in a little effort. I even feel its pocket friendly, I know you can afford this, starting an online business with a $100 or NGN40,000 will not break your bank. So if you have any question or suggestion, whatever you still want to know know about NowLifestyle or any other inquiry, kindly let me know in the comment section below or if you think it private, you can use the contact form. Cheers to your success online buddy.

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