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If you want to start making money online and at the same time keep fit with your health, then, then Now lifestyle is best option that works well for anyone.

What is Now Lifestyle?

Now lifestyle was primarily an health and wellness marketing business which was backed up with some good marketing tools in its back office to promote the fitness and wellness product. So, is a health and wellness digital networking platform.

Now lifestyle is still one of the best where you can get a promotional tools for your health and fitness business.

What are the tools you get from Now lifestyle?

Firstly, there’s nothing too good like having all the necessary tools for one’s business in a place, like your own personal office, just pick the one you need for its necessary purpose.

Now lifestyle provides users with;

  1. Health and wellness products to market,
  2. Provides users with a landing page builder,
  3. E-mail marketing tool with auto-responder and follow up sequence,
  4. Video hosting and Streaming server,
  5. HD Video production,
  6. Live Webinar or conferencing tool,
  7. Hosting Server for your personalised business website,
  8. Promotional links and banners you and some Ad-copy you can personalised for your business.

You too can create a free account from here!

Although, some of these tools are for premium members but you can still use the most important or needful tools to start building your business before upgrading to a premium plan. What a good offer, this means you can start using those tools without breaking your bank account.

Do I need a prior skill before I can consider using Nowlifestyle?

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You probably do not need any skill before considering making Now Lifestyle your easy money making machine since you can easily browse a website and read and understand simple instructions with little effort. Aside that, Now Lifestyle provides users with video tutorials for each tools to make them easier to use, so you don’t really need to a pro digital marketer before you can start using this platform and start making money like a boss online from the conveniency of your home, just apply some effort and make it your normal routine.

How do I become a member with Now lifestyle?

Becoming a member is very necessary to any platform like this, but becoming a premium member is more important because this is also a way they generate money from users after providing all those premium marketing tools for free of charge. Imagine you actually find a hot selling product, like the health and wellness products, probably 70% of the world needs either a food supplements, a workout guide, a body builder, fat burning products and so on. Any body that know health is really wealth will use them, so selling to friends and relative will not be a problem after seeing the true outcome on yourself. Now Leveraging digital marketing will help you maximize your business and earnings.

Only premium members can actually earn from this platform but you can have access to necessary tools to start before scaling your business.

You will need an e-mail marketing provider worth nothing less than $20-$25 per month see pricing of Aweber, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, GetResponse, Hubspot, or Bitrix24. Also need a hosting service provider which is also between the range of $10-$15 per month with a domain that will lead your prospect to your website. You may want to see pricing for most affordable hosting around the world. Consider yourself a novice about building website, you will also be planning some bucks for a developer to build you a well converting sales page or website, but Now Lifestyle will provide you a simple to use site builder and well converting pages to personalize with step-by-step tutorial video to guide you not to break the whole stuff.

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You can start the $1 full account right away!


Lets see their Membership Plan

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