How to start Affiliate Marketing
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How to start Affiliate Marketing for Anyone

Can I do or start Affiliate Marketing without a Website?

Yes you can, let me show you how. In most cases whereby you really need another alternative or a supplement source of income, you do not need to start learning to write codes from scratch because there are some alternative to websites that works well for starter or a newbie.

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This is How to start Affiliate Marketing

This days almost everybody is on Social Media, whereby most people who you want to advertise to, are already there. What you do is simply post your affiliate product or service with your link or special referral or coupon code on your wall or rather create a page or maybe a group for your followers and friends to see, then boom whenever they make a purchase from your referral link, you’ll be paid a commission for a well-done job.

Another best option is “Media Buying”

What is Media Buying?

It is the placement of ads (on TV, in publications, on the radio, digital signage, or on websites and other Media platform) but Digital Media platform is what we’re focusing on here. Media platform or Agencies is another proven way where the major purpose is to show your ads to only those who are interested in them at the lowest cost. See a list of media platform where you can practice that below;

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Google Adword/Google Ads
  5. Pinterest
  6. Forums
  7. Websites with your target audience
  8. And many more on this list

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You can also contact me for this service or let me connect you to a platform to get people who can Fiverr Media Buying Serviceshelp you get this done with your budget.

But, I actually believe content is king and always will be. It’s like having a real estate on the web, much like owning a piece of property, it only matures and appreciates in value with age, I mean like what I do, Blogging.

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What are the best performing Affiliate Program to start with?

According to Click Z, a report shows that eBay paid their largest affiliate marketer a huge sum of $1.3 million back in 2005 as a commission, which was the largest amount paid to an affiliate in history, and I’m sure by now many smart marketer would have beat this record. So how does this relate to you starting an affiliate marketing?

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